Romania is a land of natural beauty and of growing popularity among tourists. This counts especially for
Cisnadioara, situated in the heart of

Regardless of whether you want to have
an active vacation or to just enjoy a quiet
stay, a dip into the mountain landscape,
forests and meadows is always an
adventure. This is one destination for all
seasons. In winter, the snow stays with
us for several months. Take a trip to the
Paltinis ski resort, just 20 km from
Cisnadioara (1450 m altitude), and you'll enjoy it. The resort has a ski-lift and several ski tracks to match your experience. Horsedrawn sleigh rides are very popular.

Romania is a very attractive destination. Its delicious cuisine is well-known so give it a try and you'll surely remember the flavor of homemade food cooked with 100% natural ingredients. The city of Sibiu (Hermannstadt),
just 10 km away, is well worth a vist.
The newly opened cafés or restaurants will
surely tempt you. Drinks cost on
average 1 euro, a menu about 5 euros.
The Romanians are open and friendly,
just like all southern-Europeans.
Hospitality is a national pride and it really
shows. The language is melodious.

Numerous museums, theatrical and musical events make Sibiu a cultural city. That's why it has been chosen to be The European Cultural Capital in 2007, so art, theatre, music and dance is everywhere. Also, a visit to the animal market or the colorful and picturesque vegetable markets may become a nice memory.
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